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Koigu has been hand dyeing beautiful skeins of variegated yarns for 30 years. We are excited to have the brand back in our shop!!

Koigu yarn is still painted, hanked, labeled and shipped by the Landra women and a small handful of local employees. While they use the efficiency of machines where they can, every skein sent out into the world is lovingly painted by hand and is a truly unique work of art.

The Pencil box is Koigu's KPPPM base. Fingering, 100% merino.

A Paint Can, features 5 different colors in 25g skeins, specially curated by the women at Koigu. There are many ways that one can utilize the 125 grams, whether that be as a project, trim, to add little bits of extra color or further variation of color. 

Maybe you just want to add to your mini skein collection for Gnomes:) This would be perfect!