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Newly restocked, now with more colors!

La Bien Aimée Corrie Confetti is a brand new limited edition yarn made from recycled fiber and threads from our mill and atelier. We have started offering small exclusive batches of Corrie Confetti through fall and winter. Every batch will be a single color,  so grab it while you can, as there may not be more of that color produced for a good long while!

RGO: RGO, which means Really Good Orange, was a color inspired by the Iconic Orange Lady, Gay Glasspie, the famous GG. Corrie Confetti RGO is an amazing bright orange with colorful recycled La Bien Aimee yarn threads spun directly in the fiber.

Greybow is an explosion of bright colors on a neutral background. The base color is a warm grey with rainbow-colored recycled threads. It's both neutral and bright, moody and happy, but always soft and squishy.

Ultramarine: Inspired by one of our most iconic ha dudes colors, Bleu Royal. You’ll ask yourself is it blue or is it purple? Pair it with one of our mohair silks to really add extra depth to this complex color, such as Violet Amethyst or Bleu Royal.

Ochre: Aimée likes to think of Ochre as the “original” Corrie Confetti, as it was the very first color that was released on this recycled base in September 2021. The color is based on Yellow Brick Road, one of La Bien Aimée’s all-time best sellers and my absolute favorite color.

Aimée's Peach Sweater. With just the most subtle pink-peach undertone, Aimée's Peach Sweater is for the person wanting a pink sweater that doesn't scream "pink". The orange and pink neps in the confetti compliment the peach undertones.