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Semi Annual Clearance Sale

It's time again for our Semi Annual Clearance Sale.

We need to clear some space on our shelves for new yarns heading our way. 
We'll take additional markdowns until everything is gone.
Keep checking back!

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$10.00 $16.00

Holiday Silicone Stitch Stoppers

$5.00 $12.00

Holiday Tea


Pen Set

$5.00 $14.00

Tea Towel


Chunky Knitted Trivet


Cocktail Cubes


Eco Coasters




Neighborhood Fiber Co. Organic Studio DK

$12.00 $34.00

Patagonia Organic Merino Handpaint


Pom Pom Edge Trivet


Quince & Co Kestrel

$5.00 $13.00