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The next 5th Saturday Sale is September 30th

You can purchase the bag IN THE STORE anytime between now and the day of the sale. 

Online purchases of this bag are now Open for the next 5th Saturday in September! They will close for online purchases - Saturday 23rd.


What is 5th Saturday?

Buying this $10 bag gets you 20% off your purchases for the four 5th Saturdays in 2023! You can get the deal in-store or online.

There are four months in 2023 that have five Saturdays. On those specific Saturdays, we'll be doing 20% off everything that fits in the bag both online and in-store. In 2023 it will happen in April, July, September, and December. Buy the bag once and get the discount every 5th Saturday!

How do you get 20% off? 

1. Buy the bag. 

2. If you plan on shopping online, you need to purchase the bag before the day of the sale. To get the coupon code in time.

3. Head back online on the 5th Saturday to use your coupon code and get 20% off. Online sale begins at 8am central time.

Remember, you only have to buy the bag once and you'll get the discount every 5th Saturday in 2023 and 2024!

YES! The bag from 2022 gets you all of the sale days in 2023 too!!!


It will be busy in the store. We won't be winding yarn. If you purchase yarn online and request it to be wound, please know it will be a number of days before we will be able to wind. We are happy to wind it, but it will take us extra time to process and ship the order. 

We won't be taking any phone orders tomorrow. We just don't have the staff for it. We may not be able to get to the phone right away to answer questions. We will be doing the best we can. Leave us a message if we can't answer. You can always drop us a text too!

One other thing. We are a real brick-and-mortar yarn store. Someone may be shopping in the store with a skein of yarn in their arms that you might have in your online shopping cart. You may check out online at the same time as someone else and our online shopping cart didn't catch it. There will inevitably be some inventory problems. We'll do our best to let you know as soon as possible if there is an issue with your order so you can make another choice. 

This sale does not apply to special ordered yarn. If you've asked us to hold yarn for you and you come to pick it up on a 5th Saturday, we can't offer you the deal. 

This only applies to items already in stock. Does not apply to trunk shows. Some limitations may apply.

We can't pile on the discounts. So no additional discounts will apply.