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Knit our #1 4 in 12 sweater for 2023. It's a FREE knit along!

Cost: $ FREE
Knit a blanket in this Building Blocks Class. This an in person meeting 1 time a month on Tuesday evenings or Wednesday mornings.

Cost: $ 50.00
Knit a blanket in this Building Blocks Class. This a zoom class on the 4th Monday evening of each month

Cost: $ 50.00
Taking this course will put you on the road to warm hands or neck! You will learn basic knit techniques; cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch and bind off.

Cost: $ 15.00
You have taken Knit 101 or a new knitter and feel comfortable with knitting and purling, now what?

Cost: $ 30.00
Unlock the mystery of moebius knitting...

Cost: $ 40.00
Let's conquer that first sweater project.

Cost: $ 60.00
Find those knitted gnomes cute but have no idea where to start?

Cost: $ 60.00
This hat will make you want to book at trip to Norway!

Cost: $ 45.00
Baggy heel, how long to make the foot and how do I start a sock from the toe up? This class covers all that!

Cost: $ 45.00