July Maker 2017 Painted Mist

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Our July 2017 Maker Kit is Painted Mist Scarf.

**No Patches remain for this kit**

This fun and easy scarf lets the yarn do all the work!
12" wide x 90". You could even do 2 small cowls instead? 

This kit includes approx 120 yards of 5 colors of Painted Desert. Colors in each kit will vary. Painted Mist is a fluffy DK weight yarn. This unique light weight yarn is 58% Rayon, 34% Acrylic and 8% Wool. The kit also includes a hard copy of the pattern.

If this is your first Makers' League project you'll get the Canvas Makers' League Tote Bag. If you have already joined the league, you'll get to add another patch to the tote bag you have already received. Every 5 patches collected in 2017 earns you 20% off a day of shopping at DKA! Remember, there is no "joining" fee or membership cost. You simply have to choose a Makers' League kit you love and buy it!