Cable It Up Scarf

The project is our newest pattern, Cable it Up. This is a simple cable pattern that is designed to look great on both sides. Completely reversible!
Finished cowl is 54" circ.

You will get a hard copy pattern in the kit, but it is available as a free ravelry download too. So grab a digital copy!

This kit is 5 skeins of Berroco Vintage Chunky.

January 2017 Patches SOLD OUT

As always, you can come in and make your own color combos, or call us and we help over the phone! Quince Osprey or Cascade 128 would be great choices as well.

If this is your first Makers' League project you'll get the Canvas Makers' League Tote Bag. If you have already joined the league, you'll get to add another patch to the tote bag you received in 2016. Every 5 patches collected in 2017 earns you 20% off a day of shopping at DKA!