August Maker 2017


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Our August Maker Kit is the Boho Felted Bag
Patches available while quantities last. There is a limited quantity of monthly patches.

The bag is a great introduction to felting. It begins at the bottom of the bag and works in the round all the way up!

One skein of Cascade Eco Wool will be included in your kit along with the pattern. As always, send us your Ravelry name and we'll pop it in your library.

If this is your first Makers' League project you'll get the Canvas Makers' League Tote Bag. If you have already joined the league, you'll get to add another patch to the tote bag you have already received. Every 5 patches collected in 2017 earns you 20% off a day of shopping at DKA! Remember, there is no "joining" fee or membership cost. You simply have to choose a Makers' League kit you love and buy it!