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50 Shades of Shawls

Join Cori Eichelberger in this fun 3 hour Shawl Workshop. 50 Shades of Shawls.

Don’t knit shawls because you don't think you'd ever wear one?  Knit a few shawls but don’t wear them.  Maybe it’s all in the styling or the construction of the shawl you've chosen. Here's a one time, one morning chance to take a look at the world of knitted shawls, from different constructions to yarn choices, color choices as well as styling options. 

Want a chance to look at 50 handknit shawls, up close and personal?  Wondering what shapes and styles you’d like to knit?  Which yarns to choose or which colorway choices make you happy? We will go through 50 different styles, gauges, textures and constructions and then members of the class will be able to try on the shawls or take pictures to remind themselves what they liked and might want to knit.

Let's also include that worrisome garment that some call a poncho.  And perhaps that generous stole or scarf that might be languishing on the needles, lets get it knit in a way that you'll love it with just a few ingenious ideas that might turn you into a shawl fashionista.  Anything you wear around your neck will be modeled and discussed with tips and tricks to make your shawl knitting a must have!

There is no homework, but you might want a phone, ipad or laptop if you want look at the shawls on Ravelry during class. 

Bring a paper and pen/pencil for notes, but otherwise there are no required materials.

50 Shades of Shawls

$ 15.00