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KonMari Workshop for Fiber Folks

Are you obsessed with the Netflix show Tidying Up? Learn all about the method.

Join us as we welcome Christine Hofler, knitter and certified KonMari consultant. We'll learn all about the KonMari Method in this 1 1/2 hour workshop. 
We'll talk all things KonMari with an expert.
  • What is the KonMari method — background, key points, categories, how-tos, misconceptions, etc
  • What is Christine's story with KonMari and organizing? We'll learn about her business - Curate for Joy!
  • How KonMari can help knitters/crocheters/weavers find more time to knit/crochet/weave 
  • What it would look like to KonMari your stash, your patterns, your tools, etc
  • Knitting-specific insights Christine has gained from her own personal KonMari journey
  • Examples and client stories
  • KonMari folding method demo 

Supplies required:

Bring 3 skeins of yarn with you; 2 that you love and 1 that you are on the fence about. Christine is going to walk us through an exercise. We won't be using the yarn, it's just to help us learn more about the method.

KonMari Workshop for Fiber Folks

$ 10.00