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50 Shades of Sweaters

There has been a date change for the January class. It is now on January 26th. Emails have been sent to all students that are registered.

Join Cori Eichelberger in this fun 3 hour Sweater Workshop. 50 Shades of Sweaters!

You'll get the chance to look at over 50 hand knit sweaters from different designers and in all sorts of different yarns. 

Cori, co-author of the new Minnesota 52, will bring over 50 hand knit sweaters to class and discuss a highlighted tip for making each one into a perfect sweater to fit different body styles. You'll go through styles, types of yarns used, construction issues, difficulties and also saves and fixes. 

This is a high energy, laugh out loud look at knitting sweaters with some very practical info that you won't get anywhere else. Cori has a couple of secrets that will make your mouth fall open in surprise. All members of the class will have the option to try on the sweaters for fit. 

There is no homework, but you might want a phone, ipad or laptop if you want look at the sweaters on Ravelry during class. 

Bring a paper and pen/pencil for notes, but otherwise there are no required materials.

All participants will get a $15 coupon to use for your next sweater quantity that means its FREE. Better book fast:)

50 Shades of Sweaters

$ 15.00