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Max is 12

Tuesday, February 28th, 2017


Wait what? How did this happen?
The photo on the left is the night before our Max turned 7. The pic on the right was last night, the night before Max turned 12.

He loved recreating this picture with me:)

He’s 5’4.

I asked him for 4 days if he was sure he didn’t have a sore throat, until my mother in law said “Aimee, I think his voice is changing”.  NOOOOOOO!

I can’t even stand it.

Time needs to slow down!!

Magical Picture of DKA

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017

How amazing is this picture of the shop.


Thanks so much to Images by Troy for taking it and sharing it with us.


Wow! What a magical pic.



Colonial Knit Shop

Thursday, November 24th, 2016
Colonial Knit Shop

Colonial Knit Shop

We decided to clean out some old pattern books and magazines last week.

A few of the old pattern books had “The Colonial Knit Shop” stamped on them. Birchwood Drive North is just up the hill from our shop so we were obviously intrigued about the history.


We sent out a request for info and what do you know? Ruth knew all about it.

This is her message…


Hello Aimee,

What memories your news letter brought back. The yarn shop at 318 Birchwood Dr N is across the street from me and indeed it was in a home. Nancy Rolloff was the owner. Her husband Doug remodeled their lower level into the shop. It was on ground level and you entered through a door in the garage. Nancy was a tireless business woman who had a way with yarn. She gave lessons and still had time to raise a family. She sold knitting machines also,  and you couldn’t tell the piece was not hand knitted. I still have the afgan she gave me. The shop was in existence in the early 70’s and closed when her girls graduated high school.


Thanks for the memory, Ruth


Thank you Ruth, for supporting small businesses for so long! We appreciate you and I’m sure Nancy did too:)


41 days…

Sunday, November 13th, 2016

We have been lulled into a false sense of security. It’s been above normal temps for the entire month.

I know you don’t want to talk about it, but lets just take a deep breath and face facts…



Winter is coming people and the holidays are coming right along with it!


There, we’ve said it. It’s out there.


We’d better get knitting!


A few quick gift ideas to get you going?


Misti Alpaca Fishermans Rib Cowl.
Knit on a US11 needle, with a beautiful chunky alpaca. Anyone would love this cowl.
We’ve prepacked some of our favorite colors. See them here.





Quick Bulky Mittens
You can literally make a mitten in 4 hours. Trust us!
Click here for the free pattern and click here for Malabrigo Rasta. Think you need a little help? We still have room in a few mitten classes before the holidays.


Click here for our 2 week classes
Click here for our 4 hour workshop!




Chalet-tastic Gaptastic
Doesn’t get much easier than this. Knit 1 Purl 1. Mindless knitting with a supersoft alpaca bamboo blend yarn. On a US13 needle. This will fly off your needles and it’s long enough to wrap a few times around your neck.


Click here for our Gaptastic kits. We’ve got them combined in browns or greys!





Looking for something else? A baby gift, a hat…simple washcloths? Stop in and we’ll get you going!

Snow and cold and the holidays are coming! Let’s get to it!


Vogue Knitting Live 2016

Monday, November 7th, 2016

What a fun weekend!


Our first experience at Vogue Knitting Live was so much fun, even the Star Tribune thinks so!




What a fun way to wake up this morning!  Our cut out in the paper:)


We took so many pictures of all of you with the cut out…






and we giggled along with you. What fun!




We saw so many familiar faces, and met so many new people. We shared our Makers’ League kits and some of our most popular projects with the fiber junkies at Vogue Knitting.


Thanks for stopping to chat with us. We’ll have the cut out set up at the shop for your chance at the photo op:) We hope to see you soon!


Reality Bites the Blanket

Saturday, October 15th, 2016




DKA Shop Window 2015



We’ve got this great big blanket in our front window. It gets quite a bit of attention.  It is pretty cool. Super big stitches are trendy and it is so soft! And it’s all over the internet right now. Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, everyone is sharing images of a blanket like this. Trust us…don’t knit it.



She looks so happy because she knows she spent a ton of money on a blanket that will look this great for about 6 minutes:)


There is no denying that these blankets look terrific in the photos and probably for a day or two.  If you want to hang this blanket on your wall, or over a chair you never use, go for it. If you actually want to use it as a blanket, be prepared. Prepared for fuzz everywhere, prepared that the “yarn” might come apart if you snag it on something. Do you have a pet that loves to play with yarn you bring home? Well, this roving will be no different. And how will you clean it? Remember, this roving is used for felting too, so any agitation with heat and water may felt the fibers. The online source for the blanket tells you to bring it to the dry cleaner. I can’t imagine a dry cleaner agreeing to clean this blanket.


This blanket is knit out of roving (technically combed top), not yarn!


Roving is wool that has not yet been spun into yarn. We sell roving to people who spin yarn and people who needle or wet felt. Or to people who want to make cute slippers like these:) Click here to get details.


3 Slippers

Cadeautje Slippers @ysolda



Wool roving or combed top, is the fiber sheered from a sheep and then processed. The processing, very simply put, cleans the fiber (gets rid of hay and other organic materials) and then it is processed in one of two ways. Roving is processed by carding, which aligns the strands in different directions to prepare it for spinning.  Combed top is processed by combing until the strands are parallel.


If yarn is the goal then the roving or combed top is spun into a single strand of fiber, a single ply. It more often is then spun again with more strands of fiber to make plied yarns that you buy in our shop. Yarn is more durable, less sheddy and pilly than roving.


The wool recommended online for this blanket is merino wool combed top. Merino sheep are super soft! They have strands of wool that are on average only 3″ long. So roving that you would make for this blanket are made up of millions of 3″ long strands. Remember, these strands are simply held together with the oils from processing and the natural scales on each individual fiber.


Again, this blanket is knit out of roving (combed top), not yarn!


Whether roving or combed top are used, it will look good for a short while and then odds are it will be come a pilly, sheddy, dirty mess in no time.


Ahhhhhh! We hate to be downers, but don’t knit this blanket. Save your money.






Something in a bag

Friday, September 9th, 2016

Project in a bag


It’s the season. The season for pulling bags like this out of my yarn closet. How about you?


Now comes the fun part…where was I again?




Hummmm…at least it’s still on the needles (even though I seem to have stopped mid row), and at least I have the pattern and even a few unwound skeins of yarn! Glory be!




It even looks like I attempted to mark something with a blue pencil? That could help decipher it? I’ve held off the sleeves at least!




It’s all coming back to me now, Dark and Stormy by Thea Colman. Knitting it out of Quince Chickadee in Sabine.


Who knows…if the weather cooperates maybe I’ll finish in time for the Great American Wool Festival!  Like to follow stuff on Facebook? Follow the Great American Wool Festival Facebook Event page for updates!


The Egg!

Sunday, June 12th, 2016

We’re so excited to be a part of the River Valley Sculpture Tour. So fun!


10 statues are scattered around downtown Stillwater. A horse, a moose, a dragonfly…a bunch of others. They are easy to find!


rivervalley sculpture


And then there is the egg.


We love it!  The artist is Kimber Fiebiger. She is a sculptor from Minneapolis. She has a whole series of these Humpty Dumpties. We are lucky to be able to have him for a while!





Skin a Bear?

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016


Quick Bulky Mitten

Quick Bulky Mitten


Our first Quick Bulky Mitten class of the year finished up yesterday!

Great comments from our stellar students…

“I love taking classes here.  If DKA had a class on how to skin a bear I would take it.”

“These mittens should be called SuperBulkyFabulisticExpialidocious Mittens”

Both are great suggestions and are seriously being considered!

Wanna take the class?  Click here.
Wanna download the pattern?  Click here.
Wanna buy the yarn?  Click here.

It’s not a competition

Wednesday, January 6th, 2016

I know it’s not a competition, but I totally won the baby shower.  Well, almost.


Here’s the background.


Our cousin Bridget had a baby a few months ago…sweet Liam was born 6 months ago.  We had a baby shower for them, the first baby in our family in quite awhile.


I spent a lot of time, and yarn, on this great chevron blanket.


baby blanket


It got a few oohs and aahs and Bridget loved it.  I was happy, she was happy.


Then she opened Carly’s gift.  The Baby Sophisticate sweater. I can’t seem to find the picture of the one she made, but it’s not important for you to see it here.  Trust me, it was cuuuute. What is important to the story is that I can still hear the oohs and aahs and “oh my gosh how cute”s.  It was the winner, no doubt.


Lucky, another baby will soon be joining our clan and so another shower was on the horizon.  Our cousin Jake and his wife Ruth would be having a boy.  Jake’s sister Katie was throwing the baby shower.


I was not going to let Carly win this one.


There was planning involved.  Many shop debates about cutest patterns and yarn colors.  Oh the decisions.  It was settled.  I was going to knit Jerry the Musical Monkey.  Man did he turn out cute!


Jerry the musical Monkey


Carly was going to stick with the proven winner, Baby Sophisticate.   Carly’s gift was the first to be opened.  Ruth, the mom to be, loved it.  It was cute. No doubt.  Here is the pic.


Baby Sophisticate


Then came the moment of truth. My gift:)


me winning


This photo is from Carly’s camera.  It is not staged:)  If we could have figured out how to download an mp3 you could have heard the “oh my gosh so cutes” for yourselves!  Just look at the look of amazement on the faces of the crowd.


Anyway…I thought for sure I was the winner!  I basked in the glow for exactly 30 seconds until Ruth opened up the last gift of the day, Katie’s.  It was a hand knit sweater white sweater with blue trim.  What WHA?  What’s this last minute entry into the shower gift contest?  This wasn’t in my plans.  Katie doesn’t really knit?!  I wasn’t expecting to have another competitor.  RATS!


Then Katie told this story and it was all over.


Katie is much younger than us and when Nanny’s health was starting to fail she feared that maybe Nanny wouldn’t be around when Katie had kids of her own.  So she asked our beloved Nanny Jean to knit her a sweater for a future child.  This gift was that very sweater.  Katie told Ruth that it was on loan to her new baby until Katie needed it back for a future baby of her own.


FOR REAL!!  How can I compete with that?  The sweetest most lovely thing and all of us were crying.  That’s the reason for no picture of it.  We were all overcome.


Katie played the Nanny card.  Wasn’t counting on that.


Here’s to hoping for more babies in the Doyle clan, doesn’t get more fun that this!