The Best Wrap

March 28th, 2017

Carroll designed the most perfect wrap in 2015. We loved it. Knit out of Rowan’s Cotton Lustre yarn, it was cool and soft on your skin. Perfect for a night out in the summer, or to cozy up with on the couch.



Then the unthinkable…Rowan discontinued the yarn. GAH!


So, Carroll whipped up another one just a few months ago out of Sublime Evie. Still cotton and super soft!

Click here to see the kits we currently have available.
Click here to see the pattern on Ravelry.



Cutest Thing Ever

March 28th, 2017


Yes, we agree…this is the cutest thing ever!
Pattern is available as  a free Ravelry download.
Baby Bunny Hat by Lill Foley


The yarn we used, James Brett Fluffy, is not the yarn the pattern called for, so I made a few changes.


I knit the entire hat on a US9 needle.  I cast on 48 and it will be perfect for my newborn cousin.
I did not do the knit 2, purl 2 ribbing. Just knit every stitch.
The ears I knit in garter, not stockinette.
The purple part of the ears I cast on 8, not 10.


So cute!


Shop Hop Donations Begin

March 15th, 2017


Starting today we have MN Yarn Shop Hop EZ and VIP passes available with donations.


What do the passes get ya?


Well, in addition to the great feel goodness of making a donation to a local food shelf, you’ll get some other cool things too.


The EZ pass is a $50 donation. You’ll get to take home this year’s canvas tote bag and you’ll be guaranteed the collectible pin from each shop you visit. You’ll get the tote bag the day you donate, so you won’t have to worry that we’ll run out.


The VIP pass is a $100 donation. You’ll get the tote bag and the collectible pin for each store you visit as well as a 20% off coupon good for whatever you purchase at one of the participating shops. You’ll also be entered into a drawing to win the custom dyed shop hop yarn. We are drawing 2 names, so you will split the 14 skeins with another lucky winner. That means you go home with 7 of the custom yarns!


We love the shop hop. It’s so much fun to see all of you!


Can’t make it into the shop to get your pass, just call us or drop us an email. We can take payment over the phone or you can mail in a check. We’ll have your bag and passport waiting for you!


And of course we welcome you to Give as you Go too!


See you at the hop!



March 13th, 2017




Mary was a remarkable women.  I met her when I was only 21 and an intern sitting next to her in a cubicle at Commercial Environments. She didn’t much like me. And before you say…oh no Aimee I’m sure she did, you probably didn’t know Mary. You ALWAYS knew where you stood with her. She told it like it was. She didn’t do or say things she didn’t want to do or say. I learned to love her for that.


Mary started liking me when she knew I was serious about the job. I stayed late, I worked hard and she liked that. I loved it when she told me I’d done something well. I admired her so much. A single mom. She was so tough.


She took me on my first sales calls and taught me how to talk to customers. She taught me everything about that job. She helped me figure out how to make money when I was straight commissioned sales. She taught me how to talk to reps and customer service folks. She taught me how to fit a bunch of demo chairs in my crappy Mazda 323 hatchback Tetris style.


Mary was there for every important moment in my life. She and Adrianne were there when I moved into my first apartment in uptown where she taught me the right way to paint a wall, who knew there was a right way. Of course Mary did. She helped me set up my tiny, and I mean tiny little kitchen in that apartment with just the right gadgets. I can still see her standing in that kitchen with both arms outstretched touching opposite walls. “crap you weren’t kidding this is a small kitchen”.


She was there when I moved into my next apartment, this time with a boy. She was not happy about us moving in together and she let me know that. But she and Adrianne were there, helping me move and swimming in the pool. She was there when I moved into my first house where she taught me the right way to split and plant hostas we dug together out of her beautiful yard in Golden Valley. She hated that my new house was blue so she was very happy to climb the big ladder and helped me paint the outside of the house. She was there for my surprise 30th birthday party, she played the piano at my wedding, she met my babies within days of their birth, she encouraged me to start the yarn store and go for it.


I am so lucky to have visited her beloved family farm and met her tight knit family. I am so happy she found Tim and that I got to share in her big moments too.


Adrianne, I am so sorry that you lost your mom. My heart is breaking for you. She was so proud of the women you have become. We can’t take the place of Mary in your life. Let’s face it…she was one of a kind. But we will be there for you. Say the word.


Godspeed Mary.

March 2017 Makers’ League

March 1st, 2017


Our March Makers’ League project is Springtime Bandit.


This easy lace triangular shawl pattern is great for beginner knitters but still interesting for more advanced knitters.

We’ve made kits for you in 3 different yarns.


Fibre Company Terra. The pattern was designed with this yarn in mind. An aran weight yarn made of alpaca, merino and silk. The silk slubs take the color a little differently than the other fibers. It’s so pretty!


365 Yak from Trendsetter
is a great choice for the approaching warmer weather. Made from cotton, nylon and yak. This fiber is smooth and soft!

Marisol Sulka Nina is a lighter dk option. Super soft spun fiber made from alpaca, merino and silk. Soft and dreamy. You’ll knit this one on a US7 and need to knit more repeats.




We love this pattern and we think you will too…plus, it’s the best patch right?
There is a kit that is just right for you with prices ranging from $33 – $64.
Yeah for March!!

click here for more Makers’ League info.

Max is 12

February 28th, 2017


Wait what? How did this happen?
The photo on the left is the night before our Max turned 7. The pic on the right was last night, the night before Max turned 12.

He loved recreating this picture with me:)

He’s 5’4.

I asked him for 4 days if he was sure he didn’t have a sore throat, until my mother in law said “Aimee, I think his voice is changing”.  NOOOOOOO!

I can’t even stand it.

Time needs to slow down!!

Magical Picture of DKA

February 7th, 2017

How amazing is this picture of the shop.


Thanks so much to Images by Troy for taking it and sharing it with us.


Wow! What a magical pic.



February 2017 Makers’ League

February 1st, 2017



February 2017 Maker’s League is a fun project called Wanderers: Modern Mukluks, by Andrea Mowry.



These fun house slippers are an easy 2 color project! We’ve kit them up with a brand new yarn from Berroco, Ultra Wool. This new yarn is a worsted 100% superwash wool. We are loving how it knits up and washes up!



Our kits are cream and an accent color. There are 18 accent colors to pick from. You are sure to find one you love.




Trust us, you can make these!

Click here for the kits.




Ice Castles 2017

January 30th, 2017

Our lucky Sweater Campers were treated to an Ice Castle visit this past weekend. What fun!












January 2017 Makers’ League

January 30th, 2017

Our January 2017 Makers’ League project is our own design! Cable it Up Scarf!




The kit is 5 skeins of Berroco Vintage chunky. 680 yards worth of a chunky weight yarn.


It’s completely reversible too! FUN!

The patch for this month is the scarf of course:)


Click here to see available kits.