12 in 12 – 2014 Party!

November 24th, 2014

It’s another year…wow! Our 12 in 12’s from 2014 are almost complete.
We are busy planning our 12 in 12 party for the year.


The party is going to be Friday night, December 26th, 2014. Yes, we know that is the day after Christmas!
So, if you’ve ever knit a 12 in 12, if you’ve thought about knitting a 12 in 12, if your friend knit a 12 in 12, if you have a 12 in 12 that you’ve been meaning to finish, or if you just like our shop and like a party, you are welcome to come! If you’ve tried to knit a 12 in 12 from this year it’s extra fun because you’ll be entered into some drawings for store cash! Wahoo!
We’ll have some snacks and a beverage and chat about our sweaters from this year and then we’ll chat a bit about what we are doing next year.
We fell off the tracks with the 12 in 12 program this year.  We promise 2015 will be better!
A quick note…we are going to offer 12 in 12 sweater knitting every Tuesday evening from 6-8pm.  Whatever sweater you are working on, we can help you with!  No cost, just come!
See you on Friday, December 26th

They may throw it away

November 22nd, 2014

We’ve talked about this before.  How we (crafty people) make things for people and then we never see the thing again.  We may never get acknowledged even for making said crafty thing.  I wrote about it here in this letter.
As the gift giving season approaches again and we are all hand crafting away for the people we care about I give you this to think about.
Things you’ve knit for people, they may get thrown away.
Things you’ve crocheted for people, they may get given to a neighbor.
Things you’ve quilted, sewn, stamped, beaded, cross stitched, and calligraphied (is that a word?) they may get put in the Goodwill box.
But they may not.
They may be put away in a treasures box and pulled out 24 years later.
This one was.  Just this morning.
Doll from Nan 1
Doll from Nan 2
Doll From Nan 3
And memories of our Nan came flooding back.  I am yet again inspired and filled with joy for the hand making season.
I love you too Nanny Jean.


Ronald McDonald Cast On Day

November 18th, 2014

Ronald McDonald Bags
We are getting ever closer to our 50 bag goal!  We are donating bags to the Ronald McDonald House for a fun event they do over the holidays.  These bags will go to very deserving mom’s who need a little extra attention.

We are honored to be a part of it.


Remember, you earn $10 in Darn Knit shop credit for a donated bag.  We are taking brand spanking new bags only!  These are extra special moms and they need extra special bags.  Read more about it here.


Aimee is hosting a cast on party Friday November 21st!  Come anytime on Friday to cast on!  We’ll help.  We’ll be here from 10am – 8pm.


This project just happens to be the best Thanksgiving knitting ever.  Just the knit stitch!


Thanks again, for the donations you’ve already provided.  Your donations are going to make someone going through a tough time smile.


Come hang out with us on Friday!


My Mountain Design Contest

November 16th, 2014

My Mountain Design Contest


Click Here

 3x3 hats


If you are a Facebook user, we could use your help.

Carly’s 3×3 Hats are in a contest sponsored by My Mountain Yarns.
The shop can win some pretty cool stuff if we win.
Everyone loves cool stuff right?




Click here to be linked to the My Mountain Facebook Page for voting.  You don’t have to like their page to vote:) But you do have to have a Facebook page!


2015 – 12 in 12 Requests!

November 11th, 2014



We are just about to get started choosing our 12 in 12 sweaters for 2015.


Is there something you are dying to knit and want us to consider including in our 12 in 12 program for next year?


Leave a comment on this page or email us and we’ll add it to our options.


Who knows…your sweater choice just might make the list!


Black Friday 2014

November 11th, 2014

It’s back!  Our Black Friday sale is happening again!

Come to Stillwater at 8am on Black Friday.  Well, you might want to get there a little early, we always have a line:)
Downtown Stillwater is doing their Sleepyhead Doorbusters again this year.  There will be fun things happening that day and all season long downtown.  Check out Discover Stillwater for the details on the other happenings…
Here are our plans for Black Friday.
20% off everything in the store from 8am – noon*
The first 20 people get an additional 20% off coupon to use in the store at another time.
Hikoo yarns will be 20% off all day long!  That is Simpliworsted, Simplicity and CoBaSi.  We love, love, love these yarns and know that you will to.  We have almost every color of Simpliworsted and Simplicity on our shelves.
All of our prepackaged kits will be 20% off all day long!  We’ll have a few new kits ready for you on Black Friday.
Come join us.

A few little rules:

  • We can’t hold yarn for you before the sale.  So if you have something on the hold shelf that is waiting to be purchased, that yarn won’t be included in the sale.  That just isn’t fair!
  • We’ll do our best to wind your yarn that day, but the winder will be working overtime.  So either you’ll have to be patient, or leave your yarn and we’ll wind it up for you to pick up later!
  • You have to be in a good mood.  We can’t have crabby, overfed knitters, crocheters, spinners and weavers wandering about!


Knitty Ridges

November 9th, 2014

New pattern!

Hikoo Simpliworsted!

Simpliworsted hats
The colors we used are…06, 09, 10, 38.
Click here for the pattern on Ravelry.
Click here if you aren’t on Ravelry and want to download the pattern.
Click here for the yarn.

Sign up for texts!

October 24th, 2014
Text us!

Text us!

Have you signed up yet for text messaging updates from DKA? If you have, you’ve enjoyed 15% off your next purchase and you may have enjoyed a discount on your birthday through our new birthday program



Are you wondering where all the other texts are?


I’m slowly getting used to sending text messages. I don’t want to be a pest on your phone, so I’m being REALLY choosy about what information I text you.  You won’t ever get more than 2 a week.


If you haven’t gotten in on the text action, it isn’t too late.


Text the letters “DKA” to the number 51660 and get signed up. Then just show your text confirmation at the register the next time you are in!


Harvest Fest 2014

October 24th, 2014

One of the best pumpkin drops ever Stillwater Harvest Fest 2014!
We LOVE the slo-mo feature:)



Guess Who?

October 24th, 2014

guess who

We had a very important all employee meeting a few days ago.  Many extremely important things were discussed, as you can well imagine at a DKA employee meeting!


Well, as kind of an icebreaker, because we are all so incredibly shy, we decided that we should play a little game.  We each got a slip of paper and wrote a fact about us that no one in the room knew.  We put the slips in a basket and each of us drew a slip and had to guess the which fact matched which person.


Boy did we learn a few things.  Can you match the fact with the person?


The Facts
1.  My nickname given to me since childhood is “weenie”
2.  I had 3 guinea pigs growing up
3.  I am a graduate of Stripper 101
4.  I am wearing men’s underwear
5.  I used to play the oboe
6.  I was a cheerleader in high school
7.  I take canoe trips into the quetico where you see no one for days and love it
8.  I fixed the hallway squeeky door
9.  I married my high school sweetheart.


The Staff
a. Aimee
b. Jennifer
c. Carly
d. Heather
e. Nadia
f. Katie
g. Carroll
h. Corrina
i. Michelle

So, what do you think?   Can you match up the fact with the staff?

Don’t remember who everyone is?  Click here for our About Us page:)