Nadia’s New Pattern

January 26th, 2016

Our great friend Nadia has created this super cute headband called Smitten with Colorwork Headband. Colorwork yeah!












Don’t you just want to knit one?  Only a $2 pattern on Ravelry.  You really should cast on for one:)

Here’s the link.


Just off the needles

January 26th, 2016

A few things just off the needles!





This is my Agnes Sweater.  I knit it with short sleeves..cause it seemed like a good idea in June when I started.  Turns out it was a great choice. Fits like a shell under my flannel:)


Grey Street

Grey Street



Grey Street by Elizabeth Smith is another project in Puffin I just cast off.  And then I cast on again:)  Knit in 3 colors of puffin, on a US13 needle.  Easy and fast and perfect for a snowy day like today.


Quince & Co Owl

January 19th, 2016

We finally have a great stock of Quince & Co Owl on our shelves today!





Owl is a perfect blend of alpaca and wool.  50% American Wool and 50% New Zealand Alpaca! Knits up on a 6 or 7 to a worsted weight gauge. It’s a beauty!


Quince just published a new pattern that we LOVE for this yarn.  Nascha. 4 skeins each in 2 colors makes this lovely poncho. And it’s in a very addictive brioche stitch, reversible!!




We don’t have the yarn available for purchase online, but call us and we can hook you up! 651-342-1386



Makers’ League Details

January 19th, 2016

This post includes the who, what and where of Makers’ League.


Who: Anyone who wants to join.
What: A project of the month club.
Where: Darn Knit Anyway – online and in store.


Rules of play. It’s easy!
1. We choose a project for the month.
2. You buy the yarn for the project from us.
3. The first project you purchase for the year gets you a Makers’ League canvas tote bag and patch. (think Girl Scout patches)


For every month you join in, you get another patch to attach to your Makers’ League tote!  Collect 5 or more and get a coupon for 20% off an entire day of shopping at DKA!  Here are a few cute patches that you’ll have the chance to attach to your bag!


Sheep IHeartDKApatch Alpaca


A few other fun things to note.  We’ll be offering free project help during the month for Makers’ Leaguers (don’t think that’s a real word).  Our Maker’s League help will be Tuesday mornings from 10-noon and Tuesday nights from 6-8pm. But as always at Darn Knit Anyway, you are welcome to come anytime for help!


We have a limited quantity of patches. Only 50 per month. Patches aren’t available for purchase separately and you must buy the yarn for the projects from Darn Knit Anyway.


This is a pick and choose kind of program. You can choose to participate in all months of the year, or only 1.


Projects will be revealed once a month, but you’ll be able to purchase the projects throughout the year going forward.  So if you don’t get around to participating in February’s project now, but want to knit February’s project in May you sure can. You’ll be able to get the Maker’s League bag for whatever first project you purchase during 2106, you just won’t be guaranteed that month’s patch. Patches have a limited quantity available.
There is no additional cost to join Makers’ League, just the purchase of the required yarn.
Some months will be patterns designed by us and some will be patterns currently on Ravelry designed by other terrific people.


Join us in Makers’ League!  Our first project will be revealed next week and will be available for purchase February 1st!


Finish It Up WINNERS

January 12th, 2016

We will post the winners names here after we draw them on Monday mornings at 10am!  Check back each week for the winning name.  Or, watch the video on our Facebook page!


January 11th, 2016 – Carrie O.
January 18th, 2016 – Marnee K.
January 25th, 2016 – Peggy P.
February 1st, 2016 – Jo Anne W. M.
February 8th, 2016
February 15th, 2016
February 22nd, 2016
February 29th, 2016

Skin a Bear?

January 12th, 2016


Quick Bulky Mitten

Quick Bulky Mitten


Our first Quick Bulky Mitten class of the year finished up yesterday!

Great comments from our stellar students…

“I love taking classes here.  If DKA had a class on how to skin a bear I would take it.”

“These mittens should be called SuperBulkyFabulisticExpialidocious Mittens”

Both are great suggestions and are seriously being considered!

Wanna take the class?  Click here.
Wanna download the pattern?  Click here.
Wanna buy the yarn?  Click here.

It’s not a competition

January 6th, 2016

I know it’s not a competition, but I totally won the baby shower.  Well, almost.


Here’s the background.


Our cousin Bridget had a baby a few months ago…sweet Liam was born 6 months ago.  We had a baby shower for them, the first baby in our family in quite awhile.


I spent a lot of time, and yarn, on this great chevron blanket.


baby blanket


It got a few oohs and aahs and Bridget loved it.  I was happy, she was happy.


Then she opened Carly’s gift.  The Baby Sophisticate sweater. I can’t seem to find the picture of the one she made, but it’s not important for you to see it here.  Trust me, it was cuuuute. What is important to the story is that I can still hear the oohs and aahs and “oh my gosh how cute”s.  It was the winner, no doubt.


Lucky, another baby will soon be joining our clan and so another shower was on the horizon.  Our cousin Jake and his wife Ruth would be having a boy.  Jake’s sister Katie was throwing the baby shower.


I was not going to let Carly win this one.


There was planning involved.  Many shop debates about cutest patterns and yarn colors.  Oh the decisions.  It was settled.  I was going to knit Jerry the Musical Monkey.  Man did he turn out cute!


Jerry the musical Monkey


Carly was going to stick with the proven winner, Baby Sophisticate.   Carly’s gift was the first to be opened.  Ruth, the mom to be, loved it.  It was cute. No doubt.  Here is the pic.


Baby Sophisticate


Then came the moment of truth. My gift:)


me winning


This photo is from Carly’s camera.  It is not staged:)  If we could have figured out how to download an mp3 you could have heard the “oh my gosh so cutes” for yourselves!  Just look at the look of amazement on the faces of the crowd.


Anyway…I thought for sure I was the winner!  I basked in the glow for exactly 30 seconds until Ruth opened up the last gift of the day, Katie’s.  It was a hand knit sweater white sweater with blue trim.  What WHA?  What’s this last minute entry into the shower gift contest?  This wasn’t in my plans.  Katie doesn’t really knit?!  I wasn’t expecting to have another competitor.  RATS!


Then Katie told this story and it was all over.


Katie is much younger than us and when Nanny’s health was starting to fail she feared that maybe Nanny wouldn’t be around when Katie had kids of her own.  So she asked our beloved Nanny Jean to knit her a sweater for a future child.  This gift was that very sweater.  Katie told Ruth that it was on loan to her new baby until Katie needed it back for a future baby of her own.


FOR REAL!!  How can I compete with that?  The sweetest most lovely thing and all of us were crying.  That’s the reason for no picture of it.  We were all overcome.


Katie played the Nanny card.  Wasn’t counting on that.


Here’s to hoping for more babies in the Doyle clan, doesn’t get more fun that this!


Finish it Up Prizes

January 6th, 2016

Are you playing our Finish It Up game?  If so, here are the prizes for each week so you can decide what week you want to Finish It Up!!  Drawings will happen at 10am on Monday mornings and we’ll post the drawing for you on Facebook and here on our blog.


Registration will end tomorrow by end of day!  Because of a little confusion, we have extended the deadline by a few days.  Must have registrations in by end of day Thursday, January 7th! After Thursday you can no longer register projects.


January 11th – Gleener and Chic-a Yarn Bag


January 11th Drawing

January 11th Drawing


January 18th – $50 in Ravelry Patterns
Patterns apply that are available as an in store purchase


January 18th Drawing

January 18th Drawing


January 25th – Class Registration for you and a friend
Excludes Sweater Camp


February 1st Drawing
February 1st – Blocking Mats & Wires


January 25th Drawing

January 25th Drawing


February 8th – $50 in Quince Yarns


February 8th Drawing

February 8th Drawing


February 15th – Yarn Bowl


February 15th Drawing

February 15th Drawing


February 22nd – Any DKA Kit


February 22nd Drawing

February 22nd Drawing


February 29th – Ball Winder
Lacis Yarn Ball Winder II


February 29th Drawing

February 29th Drawing


2015 Wrap Up

December 30th, 2015

New Years 2015/6


Let’s face it, this is what we’ll all be writing in the for the next 2 months right?  At least I know I will!


As we do every year, we like to wrap up 2015 by telling you about our year at the shop.  We did it last year, and in 2013.

DKU student identification card

Nanny’s ID


595 Class Registrations!
Yeah! We are so, so happy about this. And there are even more chances for learning this coming year. If you know a friend that is ready to learn, we have learn to knit options almost every week through April! And remember, every registered student in this trimester earns 10% discount on any purchase through the trimester.  So that’s a 10% discount through April!
bead happy necklace
Our most popular kit – by far – this year was Diane’s Bead Happy Necklace Kit.  If you didn’t make one yourself, you are missing out.  It’s so fun!  Click here to get registered for a class to make the kit, or stop in and buy one.  So fun and easy!
The misc item in the shop we sold the most of?  Our Blueq gum is the winner this year again. So funny and fun.
uptown spirit stripes scarf
Our most challenging project this year?  You’d think it was a hard fair isle hat or a sweater?  Nope it’s a simple knit 2, purl 2 scarf.  Who knew this one would be so challenging!!  This project required patience and flexibility for knitters this year:)  The yarn, Uptown Worsted Spirit Stripes in the Packers color was our top selling yarn this year.  The Vikings color was a close 2nd!
One of our most popular yarns and colors?  Hikoo Simplicity in white:) This yarn, in this color sold more than just about any other yarn.  Cream color was a close second.  We LOVE this yarn and the worsted version, Simpliworsted. Two of our most favorite yarns in the shop. You must love it too!
Our most popular brand of yarn, Quince & Co.  We sold more skeins of Quince than any other yarn brand.
cotton lustre wrap DKA_Linen_Stitch_Cowl_medium2
These two projects were our most popular of 2015 in the shop.  Carroll’s Cotton Lustre Wrap and Carly’s Linen Stitch Cowl. 
Thanks so much for another terrific year.  We feel lucky every day to get to do this job!  Here’s to a happy, healthy and blessed 2016 for all of us!

Finish it up fun!

December 30th, 2015



Let’s use the New Year to get some projects finished.


Bring to the store up to 3 unfinished knit or crochet projects on January 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th.


We’ll record the projects and probably take a few pictures of them.


As you finish up each project, bring them in and we’ll check them off of your list and enter you in that week’s drawing.  We will have drawings every Monday morning from January 11th through February 29th for people who have finished a project that week.


Your projects can be like mine, simple…


#1 Right handed A River Runs Through Mitt


river mitt


#2 Rip back and re knit the collar for my Agnes Sweater


agnes neckline


#3 TBD


I’m sure you have a few projects in your stash you have been avoiding:)

Hope to see you soon!