Rowan Big Wool Sale

July 16th, 2014

Rowan Big Wool on sale now!  50% off.  Normal price $15.95.


We are moving out our Big Wool to make room for new colors!    Click here for our online store link.

Get a jump on your Holiday knitting and crocheting.  You’ll thank us in December:)



Make this! Drop Stitch Cowl

big wool drop stitch cowl

Or this…Marian Cowl
marian cowl

Or this…Shroom Hat

Log Jam Time

July 15th, 2014

stillwater logjam
Well, we’ve been talking about it for a year now.  Actually, not quite a year.  Stillwater Log Jam is upon us.   It’s this weekend, July 18th, 19th & 20th.


It was back in October that I posted this blog and asked locals to be vocal.   The decision was made by our City Council to bring back a big summer festival, so now the decision was what group would treat downtown the way it deserved to be treated?  Did we want a big promoter to come into town or would a more locally run event earn our support?  I, like many residents and businesses, felt that a locally run event would be our best shot at getting back to an event that the community could enjoy.  That’s why The Local’s earned my support and the support of the Mainstreet Stillwater IBA.
I know that summer festivals in Stillwater are divisive.  Some are disappointed that the event might be smaller, some are glad it’s smaller and some wish there wasn’t one at all.   Whatever your feelings about the event, it’s here and I hope you bring your family down and support it!



If you are planning on coming downtown for the event, and I hope you do, watch for us!



Soap Box Derby
Yes, we are participating in this crazy event!


  • Wednesday night we’ll be downtown at the car show showing off our Soap Box Derby Car.
  • Thursday night at 7:30 we’ll be at The Freight House for the soap box awards ceremony.  You know our car will look good!
  • Friday at noon is check in for the soap box derby.  We’ll be hanging out on 2nd street and Mulberry making sure our Derby Car can make it down that hill:)
  • Then Friday between 2 and 4 we race!


Yes!  There is still a parade!  Sunday at 1pm we hope to see lots of you on the route.  Our Mainstreet Stillwater IBA is going to be walking in the parade.  We have a fun “float” and many downtown businesses will be walking together.


If you do see us this weekend out and about make sure to say hi!


It’s a Mystery

June 26th, 2014



I’ve never done a mystery knit along before.


I know…lots and lots of people have and they love them.  But me?  I don’t like surprises really.  I don’t like suspense either.  I like to know whats going to happen and when.  In fact, I even like to know how a movie is going to end before I see it.  I enjoy the movie so much more when I know how it will end.  I don’t get nervous or anxious.


So, a mystery knit along really isn’t up my alley.   If you don’t know, here are the basics of a mystery knit along.  The designer gives out one clue a week and you knit that clue.  Then you wait patiently for the next one.  So, it’s a mystery ending AND I have to be patient.  Oh boy!


This particular knit along is from KnitPurlHunter and it is a 2 color hat.  It begins on July 3rd and each clue comes out every Thursday at 8am in July.


I’m going for it and I talked Carly into joining me.  Wanna play along?


The yarn required is Hikoo Simplicity.  You’ll need 2 skeins of the main color and one skein of a contrast color.  Carly’s doing pink and black and I’m doing blue and white.   We have almost every color in stock now.  Click here for the online shopping link.  You can buy it online and we can ship it to you in time for the knit along or you can come down and pick it out in person;)



Carly Knit along




Aimee Knit Along


Trust us!  You can do this.  Even if you have never worked with 2 colors of yarn.  She’ll give you tons of tips, video links and more.  AND you have us for help!


Materials List:
-Simplicity – 1(2, 2) skeins MC, 1(1,1) skein CC
-US#4 needle – straight or circ
-US#8 needle – 16″ circ
-US#8 dpns or 32″ circ for magic loop method for crown decreases
-cable needle
-one 3/4″ button
baby (child,adult) 16(19,21)”


Wanna join us?

Alisha Goes Around

June 16th, 2014

Alisha Goes Around is heading to DKA!

alisha goes around_opt

Hope you’ll join us for a trunk show on Thursday, June 19th from 4-8pm with Alisha of Alisha Goes Around.

If you were able to make it to Yarnover or Shepherd’s Harvest this year, you probably checked out her booth.  If not, you shouldn’t miss this!

We’ll have her stuff in the shop for a few days, so if you can’t make it Thursday night, how about coming Friday to our Party on the Patio?


June 14th, 2014

We are so excited for Friday, June 20th!


We’ll be knitting in public!


Truth be told, we knit in public a lot, but this time we hope you’ll join us.


We’ll be crafting on the patio in front of the shop in celebration of World Wide Knit in Public Day.  It’s actually a week long celebration of fiber artists and it takes place at different times all around the world.


We’re planning to sit in lawn chairs on our patio on Friday, June 20th all day.  From 10am – 8pm.


Bring a lawn chair, some snacks for yourself and your favorite beverage and we’ll wave at all the poor souls sitting in traffic!  We might even knit on an new yarn bomb for the tree:)


We’ll have a few canopies set up to protect us from the sun or rain.  So we’ll be knitting out rain or shine.


Bring your knitting, crochet, needlepoint, spinning, felting, weaving…whatever kind of fiber project you have going on.


We hope to see you!

Summer Vacation Begins Again

June 13th, 2014

Like many of you, my kiddos are basking in the glow of summer break.  We are 4 days in.


Boredom doesn’t come quite as fast as it did when they were 6.   They can read now, and play with the neighborhood gang without my constant attention. and of course they have devices.

This was their end of the year pic.



m&m last day



Maggie’s last day of Elementary school was this year so I am a bit melancholy.  It’s middle school next year for her.


I found this old blog post from 2010, the first summer of our shop.   Wow the years fly past don’t they?



Happy summer to us all!

Take a Note

June 2nd, 2014

I needed to jot something down today so I opened up the notes app in my IPhone.


I jotted down my note and then thumbed down and glanced at the other notes I’ve taken.  Have you done this recently?




What?  The only one of these that even looks like something I recognize is the Sequin Pinot Grigio…a delicious wine if you are looking for one:)  Like a duck…7, 14 15 reindeer…Diablo Nemesis…358?  What?


I have pages of these.





I’ve got just number ones too…




No idea what these numbers mean.  I’m gonna guess they are yarn color numbers?


I asked around and Carly and Jen had random notes too.


One page of Carly’s…




Some are really fun important notes.   Carly taught a kids knit class and noted a funny thing one of the kiddos said.




She had a random number one too.  Your guess is as good as hers.




As useless as these notes are, I can’t bring myself to delete them yet.  Maybe one day I will be asked a question and I will say “Eureka!  That answer is 7, 14 15 reindeer!


Thanks for the memories…

May 28th, 2014

My kids, Maggie and Max, took home their yearbooks today from Somerset Elementary School here in Somerset, WI.  They are in 4th and 3rd grades.


I told them how much fun it was to get signatures in our yearbooks every year. How we used to write things like “Aimee, it was great to have you in class this year, have a great summer, call me” or “Aimee, you are super sweet, call me this summer”.  How we used to write our phone numbers in the yearbook so our friends could call us at home during the summer to play.


john glenn yearbook


I pulled out a few of my old yearbooks to prove my point about how great getting signatures was…I guess I remembered it differently.


I found this gem from someone named Bob.  Any Bobs from John Glenn Jr High circa 1983-84 wanna claim this one?


Bob Signature


Hilarious!  Wish he had thought to leave his phone number…I woulda tried to call him tonight!


Rayures Cowl Kits

May 27th, 2014


Rayures by Amy Miller

Rayures by Amy Miller

Rayures Doubled

Rayures Doubled- Amy Miller

Our new favorite project is this one!  Rayures!


A pattern designed with Quince & Co yarns by Amy Miller.  It’s great!  Here is the link to the pattern if you want to download yourself, or come on into the shop and we’ll hook you up.


The pattern requires 7 colors of Quince & Co Finch.  A lovely 100% wool yarn.  It is soft and round and a dream to knit with.  We’ve created a few combinations for you or you can come in and mix and match yourself.  If you purchase 7 individual skeins of finch, you can get 2 cowls from the full skeins.  Our kits include the pattern and yarn to make 1 cowl.


Kit #1 we call “Sun”
Colors included are Belize, Goldfinch, Slate, Lupine, Poppy, Leek and Egret



Kit #2 we call “Sand”
Colors included are Storm, Clay, Petal, Bird’s Egg, Chanterelle, Egret, Frost



Kit #3 we call “Sea”
Colors included are Fjord, Storm, River, Pea Coat, Egret, Delft, Frost



Kit #3 we call “Night”
Colors included are Storm, Slate, Crow, Egret, Chanterelle, Peacock, Frost



Kit #3 we call “Garden”
Colors included are Crocus, Storm, Sorbet, Petal, Chanterelle, Egret, Frank’s Plum




Interested?  Stop in, call us (651-342-1386) or email us

Parking Updates

May 24th, 2014

Here we are again…our pay parking season has begun!

The quick of it is this…starting THIS WEEKEND…

Turn towards the river from Main Street onto Nelson Street you’ll see our little parking lot…

Brick Alley Parking off of Nelson

As you get closer you’ll see this little building…never fear!

Brick Alley Parking Booth


So, this little building has a parking attendant.  So, what does this mean for you?  It means you’ll still get free parking when you visit our shop and park in our lot.  But, you’ll need to have $5 cash on hand to pay our parking lot attendant.  We won’t have a little machine, so you can’t use a credit card.  It’ll be an actual human being collecting your money.  Then, when you come into our shop, we’ll reimburse you $5.  See…free!
Now, we can only reimburse if you park in the Brick Alley & Dock Cafe Lot.  We can’t reimburse for other city lots.  Remember, this lot is accessed off of Nelson Street, not Main!   So, make sure you can see this sign when you pull into the lot!

Also be aware that there is road construction on Hwy 36 leading into Stillwater.  We are finally getting our long awaited St. Croix River Crossing!  One way to avoid this commuter, should you choose to come to Stillwater during peak hours is to come “the back way”.  If you are heading East on Hwy 36, toward downtown, you can take a left on Manning Avenue (cty rd 15) , then a right on County Road 12.  That changes into Myrtle and brings you right to Main Street.  There is a parking ramp off of Myrtle too, if you are like me and would rather park and walk than stress out about finding a spot.  We are a 3 block walk South down beautiful Main Street from the parking ramp.

Since you are walking anyway, you might as well check out some of our other great shopping and dining establishments.  Really, what is a trip to Stillwater without checking out Main Street?